Best Shoes For Plantar Fasciitis

5 Remedies for Plantar Fasciitis Pain


If you experience pain in the heel of your foot because of plantar fasciitis then you could try out some simple self treatments. The tissue under your foot is called plantar fascia, when this tissue tightens it becomes difficult to walk and it causes inflammation and pain in the heel. This are 5 Remedies for Plantar Fasciitis Pain you can apply.

1. Use Ice Massage: Give your foot an ice massage. Fill water into a sports bottle and freeze. Place the frozen bottle on the floor, keep your foot on it and roll the bottle with your foot over it for at least 20 minutes twice everyday. This routine will reduce inflammation and the pain you experience while stretching the arch of your foot.Find More Info Best Work Shoes For Plantar Fasciitis

2. Contrast Bath: Take a contrast bath to treat chronic inflammation. Use heat and ice treatments alternatively to reduce the inflammation and pain. During the treatment try to gauge the degree of pain, some people get more relief using ice while many others get better relief using heat.

3. Anti-inflammatory Medications: There are several drugs available to help fight pain. Ibuprofen reduces the inflammation caused by plantar fascia. Don’t use the drugs to simple get temporary relief, use anti-inflammatory medications while you continue doing activities which results in inflammation and tearing associated with plantar fascia. You may not be healing completely but you will be able to cope better with the pain. Ensure that you rest, stretch and ice the area while under these medications.

4. Avoid aggravating the condition: Reduce or completely avoid, if possible, activities which can make the condition worse. Running on an incline, walking, lifting heavy items, squatting and climbing stairs can increase the pain. Keep the affected foot flat in front of your other foot while you squat. Reduce the number of times you climb stairs and completely avoid lifting weights or walking on uneven terrains or hills.

5. Wear Stable Shoes: You should wear stability shoes every time you’re on your foot, especially in the first few weeks of treatment. These shoes help the foot to align correctly and keep you from over pronating. This reduces the tightness on the plantar fasciitis. A specialist at a shoe store can help you determine what kinds of shoes are best for your foot and your activity level.

Plantar fasciitis can annoy you with the pain or it could become severe making it impossible to walk. Understanding the exact cause of the pain allows you to choose the most effective treatment. Consider foot surgery only as a last resort.

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